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EFFECTIVE 9/18/2020

We have a set pricing schedule. Most companies do, they just don't put it on their website. Why? Call around and find out...


  • Cleaning of the Flue

  • Cleaning of the Wood Burning Unit

  • Visual and/or Video Inspection (Level 1 & 2)

  • Written Inspection Report



Fireplace w/ Insert






  1. Visual Inspection of interior and exterior of the chimney, including the roof flashing 

  2. Visual Inspection of chimney cap/crown areas

  3. Visual Inspection of the wood burning appliance (fireplace, insert, wood stove, pellet stove, cook stove, etc.)

  4. Video camera inspection of chimney interior if visual inspection is not sufficient

  5. Written Inspection Report detailing our findings




Scheduled in advance: $125.00

24 Hour Emergency Response: $199.00+

Please take a minute and let us tell you about who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do!



We are a family owned and operated, small town company. All employees are Bricklayers and/or Chimney Technicians. Employees are the face of our company, so we invest in ours. All technicians are college graduates with at least a decade of experience. Be assured, you will not be dealing with anyone who is "new" to the field by any means.

Every time you call us you will speak with a Technician.

Not some guy's wife, a secretary, or answering service. You deserve to be able to ask important questions and receive intelligent answers. Plain and simple.

Some local chimney companies want to brag about cleaning the president's chimney every year. We want to brag about being able to clean yours every year! How do we plan on accomplishing that? With honesty, fair prices, quality products, and unmatched customer service. We have never had anyone switch from our company to anyone else. Call us today, schedule an appointment, and find out why firsthand.


1) Ensure your fireplace/wood stove and it's chimney are safe!

The safety of your family is the most important thing to us. Know that every time you call us, you will be promised a safe wood-burning season. We aren't a company that likes to scare people into becoming our customers, but you are lighting a bonfire in your living room... Keeping up on routine maintenance needs to be taken extremely seriously.

2) Provide affordable preventive maintenance and repair solutions for your wood-burning appliance and it's chimney...inside and out.

Typically structural issues arise at the worst possible times for our customers. Ex: When trying to sell a home, when you just don't have the money for it, etc. It doesn't have to be an expensive, wallet emptying experience. If your family's safety, a home sale, or further home damage is an immediate concern....we CAN HELP! 



Rock River Chimney & Fireplace, LLC corporate offices and showroom are located at 216 S. Third Street in historic downtown Watertown!


This location allows us to better serve a large geographic area, and keep costs to our customers low. Madison to Milwaukee, Portage to Racine, Janesville to Fond du Lac. Everywhere in between. Generally our technicians are no more than an hour away if you need someone in a hurry.



Whether you need a cleaning or just an inspection, we can make it happen 7 days a week. If you work 9:00am-5:00pm Monday though Friday, should you have to take a day off because your residential service provider can only be there three Tuesdays from today somewhere between 8:00am and 2:00pm? We don't think so. If you need us at 7:00am on a Sunday, we would be more than happy to accommodate you! Why? Because we truly appreciate each and every customer we have, and we know your time is valuable.  

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