Our Certified Chimney Technicians are available at your convenience, seven days a week. Our cleaning practices are nothing less than premier. We treat your home like our own. We have two main cleaning methods for cleaning chimneys: From the top, or from the bottom. Whichever method we use at your home, expect

absolutely NO MESS when we're done, we guarantee it! 


The absolute best thing you could do for your chimney and wood burning appliance (other than regular cleaning) is installing a QUALITY chimney cover. Here are just a few benefits of having a chimney cover:

1) They keep out precipitation

2) They divert precipitation away from the concrete crown area 

3)They keep out animals

4) They can help prevent down drafts

5) They come in many different finishes and can be a great asthetic accent for your home


Having problems opening or closing your fireplace damper? Is it stuck open or stuck closed? Somewhere in the middle? With the majority of dampers being constructed with steel or cast iron, precipitation and humidity cause them to rust. Disassembly, thorough cleaning, and lubrication can usually fix this. If it's beyond repair, solving the problem isn't as expensive as you might think. 


We are proud to be installers of Seal-Tight damper products. Their fuction is 3-fold: Chimney Cap, Damper, and preventing heat loss from your home when the fire is out. This is a cost-effective solution for a rusty old damper. We fully guarantee the products we install. If you ever have a problem again, don't worry! You are covered by our TRANFERABLE WARRANTY!!!

So you decided not to clean your chimney for the last couple decades, and you've had a chimney fire. The fire trucks are gone, you've notified your home owner's insurnace company. Now what. Where do you even begin? RIGHT HERE! One of our technicians will come do a full cause determination / inspection and let you know what needs to be done to get your fireplace or woodstove back in operation!

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